Thursday, 2 May 2013

Iron Man 3? Maybe this Is A Review!

So, my Iron Man 3 experience begins with the ever so christening of my 3D glasses. These inventions of the mighty hollywood executives which holds our key to make them charge us more and if you don't spend that "LITTLE" extra on your tickets, the trailers in the theater just blatantly taunt you for watching something in 2D rather than 3D.

Enough of that piece of information, let's get down to business and talk about Iron Man 3. So, Iron Man 3 stars the ever so wierd style of actor Mr.Robert Downey Jr. He reprises his role as the Iron Man and Tony Stark. The two characters seem to be blended into one singular entity as whenever I see Iron Man on screen I just get the impression of Robert Downey getting itchy somewhere in there(he also mentions this joke in the movie, solving our very curious predicament since the first movie).

 Well Iron Man 3 is just another typical super hero film. It has the same plot points, of villains who seem indestructible in the first half and a lot of built up is added on this very crucial plot point, but they seem to be easily defeated by Iron Man and his gang of great hollow Iron "Men". It also has added a non nonsensical plot of an abandoned kid just to show that Iron Man can also have some kind of emotion.

We have all the usual take on super hero cinema considered "COOL" by Hollywood Executives. The dull parts for a section and then some action, dull part, action, dull part, action, and so on. The story is laughable but what else can we expect from a dwindling series which is coming to it's end(hopefully). We really have Sir Ben Kingsley in the film but is totally wasted on a forgettable(yes it's forgettable) and really useless role. The story lays out so haphazardly at times that we have to wonder if the director himself was amazed at how obnoxiously simple it is.

With glaring holes in the plot, some really good talent wasted and some not so shocking twists, I really wouldn't recommend watching this film. It just reminds me of the late 80's and the early 90's when there was this trend of making action films in a certain mold and anyone hardly ventured out of this formula. Yes it did get a huge opening(which movie doesn't these days?) but the truth is, it's just another super hero flick. Just Another!

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